2016 Senior Awards

Dave Goodrick & Neville Drake Trophy - Senior Champion Team

Men's All Age Division 2 First Grade

Cosh Family Trophy Club Person of the Year

Bec Cogan

Senior Coach of the Year

Nate Gray

With only a year of involvement under his belt, Nate Gray has not only masterfully orchestrated BTH Men's return to division 1, but brought with him a winning mentality which has spread throughout the club. We are very proud to declare Nate Gray our Senior Coach of the Year for season 2016, for both his squad performance and the manner with which his team have embodied the Belrose-Terrey Hills spirit.

Senior Women’s O35 Player of the Year

Kerry Rickard

The Women’s Senior O35’s Player of the Year award goes to a lady who delivers strong results on the field, particularly in our back line, and is always so dependable in whichever position the coaches may place her in – whether it be upfront, mids or backs. She’s fast, incredibly fit and a fierce but friendly opponent. She’s also made a significant contribution to the club over the years off the field as well running the canteen for many years and is a wonderful supporter of all things BTH.

Senior Men’s O35/O45 Player of the Year

​Iain Macleod

Senior Women's Player of the Year

Skye Martin

Our award for Senior Women’s Player of the year goes to a lady who consistently delivers outstanding on field performance, takes leadership of our ladies team every game, supports her team wholeheartedly on and off the field and plays with the highest level of sportsmanship. It gives me great pleasure to present this award to our All Ages Ladies Captain.

Senior Men's Player of the Year

Adam Kenneally

This was his first year at BTH Raiders and from left wing scored 16 goals in the regular season and played a vital role in our Premiership Winning Side.

Men's O45 Div 2

Most Valuable Player - Michael Kovacs

Team Player - Peter Mullins

Men's O45 Div 1

Most Valuable Player - Iain Macleod

Team Player - Andrew Parker

Men's O35 Div 7b

Most Valuable Player - Mark Worrell

Team Player - Nick Fenn

Men's O35 Div 7a

Most Valuable Player - Gary Glover

Team Player - Christian Greifeneder

Ladies O35 Div 1 - Divas

Most Valuable Player - Sharon Lacey

Team Player - Nellie Hughes

Ladies All Age Div 1

Most Valuable Player - Nada Dayoub

Team Player - Nikki Stephens

Men's All Age Div 5 Reserve Grade

Most Valuable Player - Joshua Filatoff

Team Player - Matthew Tilley

Men's All Age Div 5 First Grade

Most Valuable Player - Paul Kouladjan

Team Player - Michael Topham

Men's All Age Div 3 Reserve Grade

Most Valuable Player - Dean Price

Team Player - Michael Condon

Men's All Age Div 3 First Grade

Most Valuable Player - Jordan White

Team Player - Ben Roche

Men's All Age Div 2 Reserve Grade

Most Valuable Player - Ben Sheard

Team Player - Josh Suntup

Men's All Age Div 2 First Grade

Most Valuable Player - Hayden Jewell

Team Player - John Massey

25 Year Awards

Brett Andrews

Tim Stephens

20 Year Award

Robert Jarvie

15 Year Awards

Kieren Dew

Joshua Filatoff

James Humpherson

Julian Lax

Sean Lyall

Philip Sarkies

10 Year Awards

Gregory Baillie

Sharron Clark

Mark French

Shaylan Loupos

Peter McLafferty

Andrew Morgan

Stephen Pisani

Tiani Schaefer

Mitchell Staniforth

Cameron Staples

Nerissa Sturmey

Melissa Toovey

Stephen Young

5 Year Awards

Laura Aspinall

Ondine Valencia

Jason Finlay

Robert Coy

Adrian Slattery

Mark Worrell

Mansour Dayoub

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2016 Junior Awards

Junior Club Champion Team


Coach - Andrew Morgan

Junior Girl Player of the Year

WU15-2 Claudia Jacka

Junior Coach of the Year

U13-3 Peter McLafferty

Junior Boy Player of the Year

U13-3 Lynton Louis

Sub Junior Champion Team Award

WU9 Sapphires

Sub Junior Achievers Award

U9 Apollos


Best & Fairest - Kartika Cargill

Team Player - Emma Watson


Best & Fairest - Max Hill

Team Player - Archie Damaris


Best & Fairest - Ryan Kennedy

Team Player - Jimmy McLafferty


Best & Fairest - Grace Rienecker

Team Player - Riley Jacka


Best & Fairest - Tenki Kawamura

Team Player - Shae Griffiths


Best & Fairest - Jack Clempson

Team Player - Jack Hogan


Best & Fairest - Ella Marks

Team Player - Jackson Hawkins


Best & Fairest - Lewis Hutcheson

Team Player - Sophie Massey

WU12-3 Emeralds

Best & Fairest - Tayla Eicker

Team Player - Georgie Bickerton

WU12-1 Diamonds

Best & Fairest - Tasman Glover

Team Player - Caitlyn Pryor

U11 Giants

Best & Fairest - Angus Holley

Team Player - Liam Ball

U11 Crushers

Best & Fairest - Rhys Lazich

Team Player - Nathan Kilby

U11 Blades

Best & Fairest - Daniel Baikie & Kyle Ormiston

Team Player - Luke Worrell

U10 Rattlers

Best & Fairest - Billy Paterson

Team Player - Amelia Sellar

U10 Rats

Best & Fairest - Spencer Louis

Team Player - Jordan Watts

U9 Meteors

Best & Fairest - Sam Tillotson

Team Player - Elliott Fiore

U9 Thunder

Best & Fairest - Sam Griffiths

Team Player -Laim Morony

U9 Apollos

Best & Fairest - Laura Gelding

Team Player -Bryan Tan

WU9 Sapphires

Best & Fairest - Milli Hall

Team Player - Marie Johnston

5 Year Award

Budge,  Charlie

Louis,  Spencer

Postma,  Ben

Saunders,  Shay

Watts,  Jordan

Carver,  Russell

Jennings,  Liam

Potts,  Ethan

Fyfe,  Jonathon

Gordon,  William

Redwood,  Jack

Haes,  Noah

Robinson,  Archie

Halberstadt,  Adam

Catto,  Michelle

Challoner,  Jordan

Moss,  Hunter

Griffiths,  Samuel

Morony,  Liam

Griffiths,  Lara

Beaumont-Lee,  Arwen

Barrington,  Ciara

Morgan,  Hayley

Nicholls,  Clare

Humphrey,  Emma

Walker,  Heather

Hutcheson, Lewis

10 Year Awards

Damaris,  Archie

Filatoff,  Matthew

Mangal,  Zarina

Hill,  Max

Lax,  Joshua

Mangal,  Zarina

McLafferty,  Peter

Morgan,  Andrew

Pisani,  Stephen

Richards,  Alexander

Sherry,  Addison

Staniforth,  Mitchell

Staples,  Cameron

Turner,  Jack

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