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Match Reports - July 16th & 17th

Jul 17, 2016

W03/1 Diva's

Diva's 2 Manly Vale B 0

What a great game ALL the Diva’s had this week. We won 2 nil against Manly Vale B.

An encouraging before the game talk from our wonderful coach Iain, had us all fired up & ready to fight for our win. We went out there with all guns blearing & dominated the whole match with 80% of the procession in our half. We all worked together perfectly & our passing skills were on pat.

With Buddy, Shaz, Julie & Ondine, having a competition who could shot for goals the most, I think it was pretty even as we had plenty of shots at goal but they just weren’t hitting the back of the net, that is until Julie scored our first cracker of a goal from a corner kick from Chelle & was assisted by Paula.

It lifted our spirits even higher & got us playing harder to get the next goal. It was a game we were all determined to win. The second goal came from Sarah playing in the backs, she intercepted a ball and took it down to score with her left boot.

Libby was strong in goals having a clean sheet for the game. Sturmey and Denise were strong on the wings and always got the balls down to assist the shots we had and Nel’s and Crissy were dominant and always powerful in our back line while Rosey had many good runs up the field, boy can her little legs run.

A special thanks to Shauna for helping put us into line.


Jul 16, 2016

Under 10 Ravens

Collaroy Raptors 7 BTH Ravens 2 It was a gutsy performance from the Ravens but the Collaroy Raptors were just to strong for us today. The Raptors unfortunately dominated in attack and were able to put away goals in quick succession across the first half. A good pep talk from coach Wes got the team fired up for a better second half. The Ravens became more daring in attack and with better organised and determined defence showed that the Ravens had the ability to match the Raptors scoring two sweet goals. We were all impressed by their efforts and the fact that they did not give up and played a fair game right to the final whistle. Player of the game went to Stephen who scored a great goal and was consistently strong across the midfield for the entire game.


Jul 16, 2016

Under 11/1 Blades

BTH Blades 0 Beacon Hill Wolves 10

A depleted Blades endured a miserable 50 minutes to sign off their sojourn in the top flight.

Down to the bare starting nine of which two players were not fully fit, it was always going to be a tall order to compete against a quality Wolves team.

The battling qualities of this team are never in doubt however and despite being four goals down at the break they played some of their better football in the second period despite shipping another six goals.

Players of the week went to Max Douglas Robertson and Kyle Ormiston, neither of whom were 100% but who stuck their hands up to man the sticks for a half each and gave great impressions of George Custer at Little Bighorn to keep the score line down.

Special mention to siblings who helped out - Sam Griffiths, Reese Ormiston and Ben Keller.


Jul 16, 2016

Over 37/A

Woke up Sunday morning with the usual aches and pains of playing a tough game on the Saturday but the pain to my pride of missing an important penalty in the last minute surpassed any leg and back soreness felt over the season.

We went down 2-1 to the third placed Mosman A in what was a closely fought encounter. After falling behind 2-0 from a freakish long free kick and a dubious off side goal the boys responded like they had all season. Spud led the chant, “come on boys we haven't played a game this season without scoring a goal” - the gritty Irishman got the lift we needed and a nice goal by Kissy (two in two weeks) had us poised to take some points from this game.

Bruce and Jason had a few great chances and we had them on the ropes with raid after raid in the last 25 minutes. With 5 minutes to go the referee missed an obvious handball in the box, it seemed to be the curse of our season, played well all year, scored plenty of goals, the other team just seemed to score one more than us each week.

Every player in our team lifted and finally some luck, the referee feeling a little guilty from not seeing the last hand ball awards us a soft penalty for a foul in the box. Our boys deserved at least a draw for all their efforts. I tried giving the penalty away because I was feeling a bit tight in the hammies but my partner in crime was having similar quad tightness. If only I had asked big Jason who honestly deserved a goal for toiling away all afternoon.

I pushed the penalty kick 10cm wide of the right post. It brought back memories of the first round where I put it over the bar in the last minute again.

I am never practicing penalties pre match ever again.

My Mosman Adventure for the weekend.

$4.50 for a snag on bread, $25 for parking and $0 from the penalty spot.

Priceless - and gutted for all our boys efforts.

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