Match Reports | 13th & 14th May


BTH Sapphires V Beacon Hill Brumbies

9-0 to BTH

U7 Foxes

It was a double win for the U7 Foxes!

Over 45/3 Match Report

The March to Mid-Table Mediocrity is well underway for the Twenty Minuters, BTH’s favourite Over 45 Div 3 team. Coming off the heady heights of a forfeit win and a Friday evening 1-0 trouncing of the bottom team the scene was set for the rematch of the 8-1 loss to top of the table Neverbeen.

Never have the Twenty Minuters been so pumped up Curly had raced back from his paintballing and Bettsy had shaved down specially for the occasion. Even better was the fact we had Strudel on one leg in goal and as everyone knows Strudel on one leg is better than Strudel on No legs but not as good as Strudel on two legs.

It started off a scrappy encounter with slow moving behemoths colliding in the quagmire and Yeti decided the best place was to stay on the sideline. Al’s younger brother was doing his best to sound like a Squadron Leader with cries of “Al’s Ball Al’s Ball Over” and the Colonel supplied some finger licking tackles. Suddenly the ball broke loose in the Neverbeen goalmouth and Nutters pounced on it like a Crystal Palace supporter on a dole cheque. The ball headed goalward but there was a big Neverbeen paw in the way, what would the ref do? Answers on a postcard to BTH You are the Ref Comp as we still don’t know but the Twenty Minuters were given a goal.

By now Susie’s better half and the Bog Trotter were bossing the midfield and Pisa was running around like a man half his age, Roberto was engaging in a bit of Irish dancing and Snoz Leroux was running around sniffing out a chance.

Suddenly Neverbeen broke loose and this big fella with a beard hit the perfect shot, Neverwas stretched but was just unable to get the decisive flick for an own goal and the opposition were level.

Strudel’s half time speech was far more positive than anything Frenchy has ever uttered in his life and Cam said something about Life being like a box of chocolates and it was time for round two. Cams older slower twin came on to mark the aging hippy who really should know better. Then out of nowhere there was the majestic sight of Nickelarse running free as if fleeing from the Hound of Hades itself, a superb miskick, a don’t argue to the goalkeeper and then a netbuster from all of 1 foot and the Twenty Minuters were ahead.

Nothing much else happened except a certain amount of desperate defending by the Twenty Minuters and some unpleasantness from Neverbeen and then the match was over. 2-1 to the more attractive and amusing raconteurs and the beers flowed.

U12 Div 2

vs Dee Why @ Wyatt Ave

First half ended 1-1. There were some wonderful early crosses from Connor and Matty, which were unlucky not to get a final touch into the net, until a momentary lapse in defence which saw some open Dee Why attackers get an early goal. We saw some great passing from the whole team, until we were rewarded with goal to Pete, after beautiful passes from Charlie, to Max, to Jami, Matt and then onto Pete for a wonderful team goal. The defence was awesome again, with a sensational goalie save from Liam, who put his body on the line saving a certain goal.

Second half ended 3-1 for a wonderful and well deserved team win. We all agreed it was the best game we have seen the boys play this season. Again excellent defence in the second half, who constantly turned defence into attack, including crossing the ball to Toombsie who sprinted the length of the field, passing the ball to Max who was unlucky to score. Good defence from Max who didn’t give up getting the ball, and was rewarded with an intercept and then weaved through Dee Why’s defence and passed to an open Pete who slotted it past the goalie for his second. The pressure was now on Pete who was up for the $10 hatrick reward from Coach. It came all so close but he was denied by some great defence from Dee Why. Did I mention how good our defence was! Zane was always there, keeping the ball away from our Will in goal, who did some great saves, including one diving and stretching out to his left. Jamie and Ethan worked well to prevent Dee Why’s corners from getting into the goal. Our third goal came from Toombsie who put in another solid effort. It came from Man of the Match, Ethan who turned defence into attack with him and Max getting the ball clear for Toombsie to run free for a goal.

WU9 Rubies

vs. Manly Allambie Sapphires

Won 2-0

The Rubies made it five wins out of five and kept a third straight clean sheet against a resolute Manly Allambie team. The majority of the play was in the Sapphires half but they got plenty of bodies behind the ball to keep the BTH attacks at bay. Olivia was able to break the deadlock before half time however with typical determined play and a cool finish. The second half was a mirror image of the first with Leah able to give the Rubies the second goal they deserved after the Sapphires failed to clear a corner. Eadie was player of the week with a very energetic display but all the girls did fantastically well again.

WAL-2 Mother’s Day must win game

Vs Beacon Hill

3:2 WIN

Beacon Hill game out strong with several attempts on goal