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Match Report | 24th & 25th June


Round 13, 24 June 2017

The weekend took us out to Mona Vale against Pittwater RSL FC for an early start. It was a free flowing game, with a bit of aerial ping pong and plenty of running around the park. We turned over possession a bit, so we need to continue to work on our first touch. Overall we played a great game, with some very close scores from both teams, and another man of the match performance from goalie, Liam who saved a certain gaol and was kept busy all game. Credit always goes to our defence, who were kept busy in the first half, but lucky we had Connor and Dash running hard and getting in the face of Pittwaters attack down the left, and Luke and Zane keeping the right solid in the first half. Our structure was good too with mids, Matty, Benny, Ethan and Will, pushing the ball up to our strikers who are always in with a chance. We were unlucky in the second half not to score two goals; one coming from a solo effort from Max and the other a penalty from Jamie who was unlucky to get a header from a leaping Ethan.

Well done boys for 0-0 draw.


W18-2 3 - 1 Win

Top of the table clash with our girls coming first on 25 points and Forest Killarney coming 2nd on 24 points. Who allowed school holidays to occur during the football season? Injuries and Holidays decimated our run on squad bringing us down to a patched up group of 11 with 3 of the 11 carrying injuries or sickness into the game. Not wanting to run much we played a tighter structure down the centre of the pitch where 70% of play happens. We went to the break at 2 nil up but could see the strain and tiredness in some legs.

At times the midfield players had to swap around and either go up front or back to the backs to get some rest. Half time was spent refuelling with oranges and water and determination for the next 45 minutes. As our team lifted for a mammoth effort the Forest Killarney coaches and parents started getting angry and frustrated at there team. With 20 minutes till fulltime we went 3 nil up but half our team was dead on there feet struggling with injury and sickness the girls dug in deep.

With only a few minutes till fulltime Forest got a runaway striker on keeper goal taking the score to 3/1 our way. When the final whistle blew there was jubilation like we had just won the grand final. Spontaneous elation erupted with a group team hug there were actual tears of satisfaction. Physically exhausting game but it was our mental attitude and belief that won the match. It was clearly evident the team that truly wants to win will overcome and make the win happen. So Proud.


U10 Bears - Development First, Winning Second

There are many ways as coach you can go out and win every game that is played, however this would be at the expensive of long term player development. What is pleasing to see and hear after playing a physically challenging match, is when the team don’t speak about the results, more about what they learnt in the game. The boys and girls are encouraged to get in as many touches as possible at training, focusing on four core skills and well supported when mistakes are made. Mistakes are a necessary part of our learning and how we respond to these mistakes will contribute to their success in the future. If you want to develop cautious, predictable players then tell them there every move, criticise their errors.

Coach: So Bears! How did you feel we went today? Players: The result doesn’t bother us, we played well today. We just got beaten by some strong boys (lol). Some of them just pushed us over and kicked us really hard when they tackled us. Coach: Err, that’s interesting! Let's focus on what we did well. Players: We had good first touches, our running with the ball was good and we tried to be creative with our passing all game. To beat strong players, quick touches and passing to our teammate in space helped us. Coach: Very good, any special moments in the game? Players: We had fun! We laughed when we beat them by keeping the ball and setting up chances to score. When we didn't have the ball we did our best to get it back and get forward passes quickly. Coach: What do we have to work on? Players: Keep away from 1v1 with bigger kids, how to defend from big kicks from the goalkeeper or defenders. Coach: OK, thanks. Let's keep working on what we do best, keeping possession and continue with learning to be creative players. Well done, Bears. You should be proud of your efforts today and your excellent sportsmanship in defeat. Let's take the good things from today and see you at training for more learning and fun.

Today's 'Honest Chicken' player of the day goes to Will Armstrong, who always tried to get a good First Touch.

Winning at this age is not that important, developing player potential, to have the skills, attributes and decision making skills to compete when they get older and staying in love with the game are more important. Allowing players to make the decisions, encouraging both sides and always closing with 'Well Done' with positive thoughts, will keep them all coming back to help to grow a strong pool of talent for competition days.

Bear Keeper!


WU10 BTH Sapphires V Pittwater Sapphires 1-1 draw!

Finally the WU10 BTH Sapphires met their match at a nail-biting game last Sunday at Warriewood. As usual the girls played a great game of soccer with them all playing to their strengths across defence, midfield and strikers. The suitably named Pittwater Sapphires were fast on the field and pushed the girls to their limits. It was a stressful 50 mins for the spectators resulting in a 1-1 draw! Bring on gala day for the next challenge.


AL 2


An intense game from start to finish. Whilst both teams had a number of chances, another resolute defensive display limited Forest in possession throughout the game. The highlights reel from the Reserves game includes no goals in the first half. A rousing speech during half time from the Gaffa, inspired Conor Wilson who put away two spectacular goals. For the first goal, Conor waltzed through four Forest players and tapped the ball past the Forest Keeper. His second goal taken from the edge of the box, stepping around the right back and scoring a spectacular goal whipped into the right corner. A brilliant game that ended 2-2.

Despite the quality and intensity of game, it was marred in the end with the Forest manager, fielding a 17th player during the final 25 minutes. A poor decision, and not in the spirit of the game.

FIRSTS The Firsts game was another intense match up. Forest started intensely and took several shots from close range on goal which were aptly saved by Michael. 20 minutes into the first half, we won a foul 10 meters in our own half. Brad Moody stepped up and smacked a massive free kick into the box. The Forest keeper lost his bearing and the ball went straight over his head and into the goal. We kept Forest quiet for the rest of the half, and unfortunately, 2 minutes before the end of the half, Forest nicked a goal on the counter through their striker. 1-1 at the half.

During the second half, a wayward cross from the Forest right-mid descended towards the front post and unfortunately, got lost in the glare of the sun and we conceded a second goal 20 minutes into the second half. Despite several more shots on goal and dominating possession, the game ended 2-1. Once again, the game was marred by the Forest manager fielding a 17th player during the final 20 minutes.

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