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All Age Division 2 Squad vs. Forest Killarney


An intense game from start to finish. Whilst both teams had a number of chances, another resolute defensive display limited Forest in possession throughout the game. The highlights reel from the Reserves game includes no goals in the first half. A rousing speech during half time from the Gaffa, inspired Conor Wilson who put away two spectacular goals. For the first goal, Conor waltzed through four Forest players and tapped the ball past the Forest Keeper. His second goal taken from the edge of the box, stepping around the right back and scoring a spectacular goal whipped into the right corner. A brilliant game that ended 2-2.

Despite the quality and intensity of game, it was marred in the end with the Forest manager, fielding a 17th player during the final 25 minutes. A poor decision, and not in the spirit of the game.

FIRSTS The Firsts game was another intense match up. Forest started intensely and took several shots from close range on goal which were aptly saved by Michael. 20 minutes into the first half, we won a foul 10 meters in our own half. Brad Moody stepped up and smacked a massive free kick into the box. The Forest keeper lost his bearing and the ball went straight over his head and into the goal. We kept Forest quiet for the rest of the half, and unfortunately, 2 minutes before the end of the half, Forest nicked a goal on the counter through their striker. 1-1 at the half.

During the second half, a wayward cross from the Forest right-mid descended towards the front post and unfortunately, got lost in the glare of the sun and we conceded a second goal 20 minutes into the second half. Despite several more shots on goal and dominating possession, the game ended 2-1. Once again, the game was marred by the Forest manager fielding a 17th player during the final 20 minutes.

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