Ladies Gala Day - Mosman FC vs. BTH Raiders SC

BTH Raiders SC are hosting Mosman FC for a Ladies Football Gala Day. Join us for a day of football and fun! The day will be run with back to back matches with other activities and of course the BBQ.

Sunday 4th March @ Wyatt Oval

9am | BTH Raiders WU12 vs. BTH WU14/3

10am | BTH Raiders WU10 vs. Mosman FC WU10

11am | BTH Raiders WU11/1 vs. Mosman FC WU12/1

12pm | BTH Raiders WU14/1 vs. Mosman FC WU14/1

2pm | BTH Raiders WAL2 vs. Mosman FC WAL & O35 combo team

3pm | BTH Raiders WO35s

Any questions - please reach out -