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MiniRoos Kick-Off Notice | Insurance

Special insurance and claim form for MiniRoos Kick-Off players

This important information is for all clubs, associations and program coordinators in relation to MiniRoos Kick-Off player insurance. We confirm that all MiniRoos Kick-Off (MRKO) players are covered by a special FFA insurance and provide the following information for your reference.

MiniRoos Kick-Off Insurance Information

  • The injury insurance that covers MRKO players is the FFA Arch Insurance.

  • The Arch Insurance cover only applies to MRKO players, it does not apply to any other players.

  • The Arch Insurance Claim Form and can be provided to parents of MRKO players if an injury occurs.

  • The Arch Insurance Policy Schedule outlines the cover and claimable benefits

  • Physio costs have been added to this policy and are now a claimable benefit under this insurance cover.

MiniRoos Kick-Off claim enquiries

Quote Policy Number: 500000/08/2017/0013 The Insured: FFA MiniRoos Kick-Off players Contact: Carol van Veen AJG Sports Claims Phone 07 3367 5228 Email:

MiniRoos Kick-Off Program Enquiries The MiniRoos Kick-Off Program is an introduction to football program for players aged 3 yrs & over. For further information click here

FNSW Injury Insurance We confirm that the injury insurance provided by FNSW does not apply to players involved in the MiniRoos Kick-Off program and only the Arch Insurance claim form should be provided to parents of those players. The FNSW injury insurance applies to all registered players except MiniRoos Kick-Off players.

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