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BTH Raiders Need You!

Dear Sub Junior Community (U6-U11),

Welcome to the 2018 soccer season at BTH. We trust the year has started well with all your children enjoying the activities so far.

BTH, like all the Soccer clubs within the MWFA, are a volunteer-run organisation. We have in the past, asked parents and friends to pitch in to assist in various activities to support the running of the club, including canteen assistance at Wyatt Oval, line marking on our grounds and selling raffle tickets at local establishments to raise money for the Club. Over the last few years these activities have diminished for various reason including the closing of the fixed-venue Canteen facility at Wyatt Oval.

We would like to re-focus some of our energies back on the original intent of our community club, and that is to pitch in and support the club activities with small doses of volunteer help.

The primary focus initially, will be the operation of a purpose-built “mobile BBQ/Coffee facility” at Bambara Oval. This will provide a range of hot foods (BBQ sausages, bacon and eggs) and expresso coffee and drinks for parents and kids. Each Saturday the Sub Juniors play at Bambara Oval on Forest Way, so we are seeking help from that community with some duties on the BBQ each week. We are proposing that each team be asked to supply some helpers for one Saturday during the season. This will involve 6 people on that day, each helping out for 1 hour on one Saturday only. The funds raised by this activity will be channeled back into gear for the players and some of the extra’s offered at registration time (eg this year we have included free shorts and socks for all players- as well the usual shirt).

The details of the schedule will be sent shortly to all team managers by Paul Davenport, the new Sub Juniors Manager.

We trust that a single 1 hour slot on only one Saturday morning, over the full season will hopefully be manageable by most parents. Obviously there will be issues for some but we trust that the majority can pitch in and support what we believe is a great institution, the local sporting club.

Please note that all the age groups in the club will be “pitching-in” going forward, with the Sub Juniors focus being the BBQ this year.


BTH Committee Gary Glover Club President

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