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Why I Really Love Our Great Club

As president of BTH Raiders Soccer Club for the past three years, there have been some very proud moments. Growing our membership base with an additional 200 players, winning promotion in our All Age men, building a coaching structure throughout the club and starting the new BTH Academy to just name a few.

Over the weekend I received another reminder of why I really do love our great club.

With school holidays upon us, a number of teams throughout the club were down on players. On Saturday morning at Bambara, I saw one of the clubs favorite coaches son’s take part in his third game by 10.30am, helping out the U9 and U10 teams. On Saturday afternoon at 1pm at Wyatt Oval, my team O45/2 was also down on numbers and we had a member from the O45/3 team helping us out in defense. At the same time in Beacon Hill, three members of our under 18 team helped our top AL men’s teams also.

On Sunday morning at 8.30am at Wyatt, four girls from the WU14/1 were playing a full game for the WU16/1 team that only had 7 players available this weekend. At the same time at Miller’s three of our U12 girls were helping out WU13/3 secure the major premiership and then three of their players helped the WU14/1 team help knock off the top team.

Again our O35 Ladies were helping out our all Age Ladies and one All Age Lady helping our WO35-2s pushing both to victory at Wyatt on Sunday

It must of been a weekend for the football gods or maybe it was just some good old fashion Khama but all our teams who needed a hand over the weekend got it from our from our great club and all secured famous victories.

Some of us might take this for granted but I know for certain that this comradeship and assistance we give out at our great club isn’t the norm at most other clubs. Family always help one another out in time of need and this was just another example of all those in the BTH family stepping up. It’s just another reason why BTH is known as the family club.

I am sure these were just some of the many examples of community spirit being shown from the BTH Raiders family over the weekend.

Your president and proud member of the BTH Raiders Family. Gary Glover

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