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WU11 Gala Day

The WU11 Sapphires participated in the Gala Day at Avalon on Sunday. The girls played 5 games with 10min halves. The sun was shining, it was well organised and the MWFA provided the referees.

Last year the Sapphires were Runners Up and once again, this year we were Runners Up! The Sapphires dominate the Sunday competition and love the pressure of 25min halves. Sadly, just like their coach, they need time to “warm-up” so these short games aren’t their strength.

The club would have been proud of these girls. They do not push, shove or stomp on the competitions feet, they are not aggressive, and they do not question the umpire’s decision. They wear their BTH jerseys with pride and demonstrate the values of positive sportsmanship every time they go out onto the field.

I was so impressed with them on Sunday, they show true team spirit and they have fun, they laugh and enjoy every second they play. We have 3 games left in our Sunday main competition and if we win each of them, we will be undefeated for the 3rd season in a row.

“They are strong, they are courageous and together they will win”.


Lou Vanderfield

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