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  • Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders


Seaforth have always been tough opposition and Saturday's game was no different. We started with exceptional intensity, some great passing play and created several chances.

8 minutes into the match, the game took a turn with a controversial moment between one of the Seaforth players and the ref where the player was first shown a yellow card, which was quickly replaced by a red card for dissent. We then opened the scoring 10 minutes in. It started with a committed run by Conor down the line where he just kept the ball in play, followed by a beautiful pass which was tapped in by Isaiah. We created several more chances and the second goal came shortly after with a tap in by Conor Wilson. Unfortunately, Seaforth played one too many long balls and finally, one of them paid off, with Isaak (apparently) beaten in the air and a ball headed into the top right of our goal, wrapping up the half at 2-1.

At the start of the second half, we were sluggish and slow to get out of the blocks. Seaforth pressed hard and after some sloppy play, they pressed and earned a corner. They took a quick corner and scored their second goal with a volley that was slammed in to equalise the game at 2-2.

A few changes to the formation and we started to dominate play. 10 minutes after the equaliser, Jason stepped up with a cracking shot that was just about to sail wide of the target when Conor redirected the ball with a magic back-to-the-goal-half-volley flick using the outside of his boot. The final goal was sealed when Bevan took a cracking shot from outside the box, which was parried back and followed in by a cheeky chip by Isaiah to seal a 4-2 win.

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