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  • Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders


It was Saturday afternoon and all know what this prestigious day entails, it is for the boys!

On top of that, it’s a day to wield our axes and don our Viking helmets as the mighty raiders took on the Forry boys. Rivalry hung in the air as the men on that field wanted nothing but goals, revenge and victory. From the get go the canary yellow men fought with absolute bravery together, testing their skilful goalkeeper. We kept pressing and pressing but the forry men resisted constantly and didn’t give us too many sniffs of victory. The first half was solid and ended 1-1. We really needed to kick. To believe. To spark.

An inspiring half time chat was much needed as this game was in the balance, and Forest did not know what was coming over that white line in the second half. The common denominator of the chat: composure and belief.

The match was so evenly poised for a vast majority of the game, but the Vikings could not sail our boats close enough to the opposition borders and get that ball over the line. Eventually, some nice finishes from Doug’s, Bevan and Jase kept the boys in the balance. Although, some may say the cunning or wily Conor Wilson, decided to try and deceive everyone, claiming goals left right and centre. Did he score all of them? No, no he didn’t. Did Isaiah score 3 and Conor try and weasel his way onto the tally? Yes, yes he did.

With a bit of greed from both parties, they were lucky to slot in goals between them (completely as a result of the midfield through balls). Regardless, the Vikings defeated that territory, walking away with an 8-1 victory! We walked away with our heads held high knowing we gave that everything, even though tensions are more than apparent in this week’s dressing room.

Credit goes to our solid defence with the likes of Jared and Smallman not letting anything in and allowing us to attack. Outstanding work from Jono as well for stepping up to play in goals!

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