BTH AL1 Round 8 V Mosman FC Review

Awesome weekend for the firsts recording a comprehensive win against a quality Mosman side. The display showed everyone the true firsts we know, deadly in attack when we press forward and crunching in defence. Our first clean sheet of season too. Ressies played a great first half, however couldn’t finish the game - our own mistakes the downfall unfortunately. Knowing this, we played very good football but let ourselves down in the end, we will continue to play well!

Lachy and Luke with the write ups this week:

FIRSTS – 4-0 Win

Goals – Jason Sorbara (2), Jeremy Green, Isaiah Vumbaca

3 points – Jason Sorbara, 2 points – Isaiah Vumbaca, 1 point – David Sheldon After a week’s worth of firing up and very important conversations/thoughts amongst the first team – everyone was on the same page that something needed to change, in order for us to retain our winning blood and thirst. We arrived to Mosman and the vibe was good, I think we all knew what we needed to do today and how to do it. Banter before the game between Isiah and some guy with a scarf named George seemed to fire the boys up. As soon as the kick off whistle blew, I knew something was different compared to the last 7 games – THE HUNGER and FLOW was back… The first goal by Connor was one of the nicest volleys I’ve seen in a long time. The second goal by Jase was just as nice followed by a third by Isiah which followed in him flipping George off. Shortly after, Isiah was body slammed (or maybe this was before). Either way… 3 nil before half time – this is how we used to do it, and how we will continue to do it! Just before half time, Jase hits the post… Still 3-0. Jase told Doogs he would score again, which he did in the second half – 4-0. The boys in yellow battled out, defended well and kept hustling to finish the game 4-0. The boys were very very happy, however know what they need to keep doing to keep winning. Attend training with the hunger and attend games with the hunger. We will slowly move up one by one, we will get there. Well done boys. Written by Lachlan McDougall RESERVES – 4-2 Loss

Goals – Lachlan Charles, Michael Johnstone 3 points – Lachlan Charles, 2 points – Connor Hale, 1 point – Jacob Ditchfield

We arrived at a windy Mosman Oval knowing we would be up for a tough game against the English ex pats over the spit bridge. The first half started with us holding out waves of Mosman attacks, quite well until a lapse allowed Mosman a goal we really should have stopped. We kept heads up however and turned things around, pressing back against with attacks of our own through flying Ryan and MJ up front. Sure enough soon a free kick was awarded and after a scuffle in the box, our CB Lachy Charles pounced on the ball to even it up 1-1. This is how the half finished, with the BTH lads on the front foot. Second half we came out firing and continued to press, Corey and chuddy holding the midfield well and Lachie Baker and Jordy a constant threat down the wings. Early in the first half, Mosman were awarded a free kick, which after a defensive mix up, allowed Mosman a goal to go up 2-1. We need to make mention of the amazing work in defence throughout the game but in particular second half by Lachy Charles and Ditchy, who always seemed to be cleaning up in defence. A very good cross into our box then resulted in an unlucky own goal. From there we stepped up our play, stringing together some great channels of passing and possession and creating more chances. A fourth goal went in for Mosman, but we bounced back soon after with a very nice finish from MJ outside the box. The final highlight of the game went to an amazing save from Jordy in goals to deny a penalty. 4-2 the final score, not reflective of whole game though and how well we played. Written by Luke Dorizas


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