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BTH Raiders play in purple to support the Anver Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

During September our BTH Raiders have been pulling on their purple socks to help raise awareness for a disease that is on track to become the third most common cancer killer in Australia this year.

Here are some pics of our teams playing in purple last weekend...

The #PlayinPurple campaign is in its sixth year and continues to grow since inception, with over 3,500 players last year wearing purple socks to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. 

All players that wear a pair of purple socks are helping to raise critical awareness and fund diagnosis for pancreatic cancer – a condition which has a 5-year survival rate of only 10.7% and claims nearly as many lives as breast cancer every year.

Our Junior Coordinator Sue Potts explains how the club is set to continue a proud tradition of supporting these worthwhile initiatives.

“BTH are backing the #PlayInPurple campaign for Pancreatic cancer just as we have supported the Pink Sock Day for Breast cancer in the past. We are excited to help support and make awareness for Pancreatic cancer. Since sending the information to our teams, I have had messages from club members who have been personally affected by Pancreatic Cancer and are happy that the club is helping support and grow awareness. We are aiming for all of our BTH teams to be wearing the Purple socks during September.”

Keep an eye out this coming weekend, 25 - 27 September, where BTH are planning to turn their home grounds purple from junior to Premier League level.

BTH is just one of many Northern Beaches clubs who will be involved this upcoming September.

More photos to follow as the 25-27 September weekend approaches!

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