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Come and try soccer

Calling Kindergarten and Year 1 students!!

Did your child receive a soccer ball for Christmas. Have they enjoyed kicking it around the back garden with you through the school holidays? Do they enjoy playing with others?

If you want to see your child being more active after school, consider getting involved with the BTH Raiders. Not only will your child have fun dribbling, goal kicking, passing and learning what soccer is all about, they will be off to a great start in enjoying a team sport that is loved by many the world over.

We are currently looking for Kindergarten and Year 1 students to join our local soccer club this Winter and are having a free kick around and try day on Sunday 16 February at 4.00pm. To help with numbers, please let us know by email at if you plan to come.

Belrose-Terrey Hills

the family friendly soccer club

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