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Two unexpectedly tough games for both grades and a number of players being impacted added insult to injury. Curly’s table status does not reflect their ability or justify the quality in their squad. It's a sobering lesson for our squad that will hopefully put us in good stead for the run-in over the final 4 games, before we wrap up the season in Finals week. With one game left to wrap up the first half of the season, we turn our attention to our next match against Harbord.


It was a day of lessons for the mighty canary yellow. A day that upon reflection, we will grow and learn from, more than many other victories we have come out of. We played curly on the beautifully manicured astroturf field at Cromer. Without even knowing it, we entered with our heads in the clouds and could smell victory - however, we were about to face a side with immense skill and talent. We couldn’t have found that out any quicker, as the refs whistle had blown and the triumphant raiders were down 2-0. Curly’s number 8 split the centre backs both times and exploded through to goal, 1 on 1 with the keeper and put away identical goals both times. Desperate to stamp his authority on the match, during the 30th minute, Tom found himself 1 on 1 with another of the Curly forwards, both sprinting to the ball. After saving the ball, the Curly forward unfortunately couldn’t slow his momentum and had a massive clashed with Tom, which left both players on the turf. Both players subbed off injured not to return for the match. Isaiah put in a goal to make it 2-1, but not so long after, curly we’re through again to sit at a comfortable 3-1 lead to wrap up a disappointing half.

Heading into the half down two goals, was a sobering moment for all the players. One of our genuine strengths as a team is our abililty to remain positive, hungry and most importantly, supportive of each other. After a solid half time team talk and some tweaks to the instructions, and everyone stood up, swallowed their ego, and bonded as an absolute unit to do what we do best, play football. We passed well, fought hard and played with good skill on the deck. Within the opening 10 minutes, Conor made a brilliant run and put in the opening goal of the second half to take us to 3-2... GAME ON!

The lads showed incredible grit and determination, and continued to persevere, fighting for each other. With about 25 to go, Dougs put in a header to equalise. 3-3. COME ON YOU MIGHTY YELLOW SOLDIERS. As we always have, we continued to trust the process and each other. Keep playing good football, keep trusting each other and it will happen. And with 10 minutes from the end, the fairytale was born, with Kearns running the ball down the left flank and into the 18 year box to put in a beauty to take the boys to the lead for the first time in the game!

For the remainder of the game, we held on tight, we trusted each other, and we went hard without holding back. 4-3. We win.

1 time – we were a goal ahead.

2 times – we watched curly slip through us early.

3 times – Curly has scored before half time.

4 times – we bonded together and worked as a team to create a piece of beauty and got a goal.

And Infinite lessons were learnt. The canary yellow march on. Go raiders.

Thanks to Isaiah of the Wu-Tang Clan for the write-up


It was almost like a Summers day, with the weather being bloody marvelous, and this could not have looked brighter when the messages went round, the venue for match was changed to Cromer 2. Our old Grand Final ground where much blood sweat and tears have fallen both in triumph and defeat. We were charged up and ready for a big game with a bottom of the table clash.

Curly kicked off and we gained possession early and began to dominate the game with plenty of chances and wide runs from our newly keen wingbacks. Sadly, all we seem to muster was chances resulting in corners or close shots that threaten the keeper and brush past the net but no goal. Being accustomed to smaller pitches the centre of the park appeared to have more space and the extra time on the ball that Curly had was enough for them to look up and create some through balls which seemed to be their desired way of attack. Our few drops in confidence allowed them a few chances and we frustratingly went into the half behind, 2-0 down.

After a good prep talk from our two Klopp and Guardiola inspired gaffers and fearless leader Chuddy, we were ready for round 2 and to take back the cheap goals and capitalize on our opportunities. We started well and again dominated the attack and possession by creating chance after chance. It seemed that there was a force field in front of goal that stopped us getting the ball to slam the back of the net. Special mentions to Jake Carden and Luke Dorizas the charging wing backs and our forward line (Glynny, Ryan and Rob) finding gaps and plenty of triangle work that resulted in full use of the width of the park and made the keeper sweat with fear that a flood of goals were imminent. Unfortunately, the goals never came and our frustration built. We cleared the bench as wounded soldiers were removed from the pitch and as our confidence was stretch another goal fell. We fought hard to the end, but unfortunately, the result did not go our way.

Thanks to Spuddy from the Mountain Climbers Association for the write-up

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