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Two fine matches against Mosman, who have been typically represented by players that have rarely showered themselves with any levels of decency or respect. In fact the last time we played Mosman in 2019, two of their players came to blows with an in-team fight that stemmed from a poor throw-in that led to their 4th successive loss of the season. However, the thick English and Scottish accents from the players in light blue suggested that the hard work that should have been done by the Mosman elite, was outsourced to the more capable hard working people of the UK. A thoroughly decent group of men who we can only hope will continue to restore the good name of Mosman in their travels.

Both games were hard fought resulting in a deserved win for the Firsts, and an unfortunate loss for the Ressies. With the mighty Pittwater coming up next week, friendships will be put aside as we battle against the 2019 Wooden Spooners!.


It was a sunny Saturday in Belrose, the firsts were getting quite amped due to the fact the Ressies were looking incredibly hot against Mosman, despite being down. The cross court play amongst the youngsters was entertaining, it’s good to see the young bloods providing some skill and assurance that they will one day (sooner or later) be knighted by the royal firsts captain, Sir Lachlan James of the Douglas Clan.

After Luca setup Ryan for his first goal of the Season, the First team finally decided it was time to warm up – which actually meant that the usual 6-8 players who show up on time, actually participate in the warm up. Credit to Brad, Isaak and Lachlan who actually need to warm up or they will most likely be horribly injured on the field. Also, absolutely no credit to Javey, as he loves to turn up 10 minutes before the game, blow some kisses/give some hugs and do a few star jumps (if you are lucky) to get warm and ready for the game.

Once again, we got off to a slow start, and what do you know, the first boys do what they are famous for – go down 1-0 between the first 30 seconds and 5 minutes. The looks exchanged between Isaak and Lachlan showed immense frustration and confusion. It appeared as though our strongest defenders in the team (Isaak, Brad and Jeremy) all has brain farts (especially Isaak) and forgot how to tackle. The Mosman forward pretty much walked the ball through the 6 yard box, past all three defenders and passed the ball to his team mate who slammed the ball home 1 metre off the goal line against a hapless Glyn. Despite this early setback, Glyn continued to show why he is 4th choice GK, and played an amazing game.

After conceding early, the Belrose boys finally got fired up and ended the half with some fantastic football. Mauritzio made a quality run down the left flank, drifting past two Mosman players before playing in a delightful through ball to Conor, who exploded into the goal box and put away our opening goal with ease. This was followed by Isaak finally getting into the game and from a set piece, scoring his first goal of the season.

We ended the first half 2-1 ahead, but knowing the game was far from over. The second half continued with the same intensity, with both teams sharing possession and creating a few opportunities. Towards the middle of the second half, Isaak subbed himself off as he fell asleep again, and in the ensuring reshuffle of the backline, Mosman broke through and equalised. The Raiders accepted the challenge and pushed hard with chances created off both flanks. With 10 minutes to go, Javey broke through with one of his trademark runs, which resulted in a perfectly delivered ball to Connor, who lined up the shot from 20 yards out, drifting in from the left side of the field and whipping the ball into the top right hand corner to take the lead 3-2. This was enough to seal the win and the 3 points.

Thanks to Sir Lachlan James of the Douglas Clan for the write-up



The Ressies went into Round 6 with a number of players unavailable for selection. Against a Mosman outfit that were sitting top 4 in the table, we knew we were in for a tough match. The depth and support across our squad meant we fielded a strong line-up with support from a few first team players in Harry Vasey, Jeremy Green and Isaak Badyari joining the cause.

A rallying speech from our coaches pre game, Rob and Neil, got the boys fired up and we went in with great intensity. Some great chances were being created through a new formation, with Corey, Jacob and Harry battling for everything in the middle to supply Ryan and Glynny up front who made some great runs through the Mosman line. Our defence held well, holding shape and limiting Mosmans shots on target. Andy and Spuddy worked together great in CBs winning everything in the air! The opening half performance was solid across all positions, which meant we went into halftime with scores locked 0-0.

Second half started much the same, Howie battling above his weight as we’ve seen already this season, battling a number of players of the ball easily! Unfortunately, in the opening 5 minutes of the second half, the gaffa was disposed in the middle of the park. and Mosman counter attacked at speed and scored their opening goal. This led to a lapse in concentration across the park and Mosman increased their intensity and produced their second goal in quick succession. Both goals coming from shots from outside the box which we could have closed down easier – lesson learnt.

The boys fired up and rallied hard. In the final 15 minutes, Mosman was limited in possession and opportunities. In fact the majority of the final 15 minutes was played Mosman’s half, with the lads rallying. Luca again weaving his magic on the ball dribbling through players. Lachie with some great runs on goal too! Towards the end we had ANOTHER goal disallowed – Glynny making a great leap to win the header, with Ryan slamming the ball into the back of the net, however the referee disallowed the goal due to an foul in the build-up play. We continued to pressure their backline and after conceding their 13th foul of the half, the Mosman defence finally cracked with a great free kick from Luca being beautifully slammed home by Ryan, who opened up his account for the season. BTH continued pressing and Mosman were clearly on the ropes. Their Manager who had clearly hung up his boots panicked at the site of his team being pressed back and subbed himself onto the field for the remaining 5 minutes in the hope to keep his side from conceding a second. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be this time and despite 4 more opportunities, we couldn’t find that final ball to get the equaliser.

A special mention to Connor and Jake who worked tirelessly in defense as the last men for the final minutes. Overall another great team performance where no one played a bad game and everyone pushed till final whistle.

Thanks to Luke, son of Dorizas, for the write-up




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