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Community Called On To Help Tackle Sportsfield Shortage | Northern Beaches Council

Did you know that sporting ground participation has increased by 10% in the last 3 years while golf membership has declined over 10% in the last decade? If you think that all Football codes should get a fair allocation of sporting fields for their members and players – it might be time to speak up.

The new Council has identified that there is a shortage of sporting fields across the peninsular and have produced a Discussion Paper for the community’s comment. This is an important opportunity for our voice to be heard and securing more sporting fields for future use.

The MWFA and all 17 football clubs are very supportive of all the recommendations of Council.

What does this mean to our Club?

  • The opportunity to get better use out of our current grounds (e.g. synthetic pitches and lighting);

  • Access to new fields so grounds are not overused;

  • Planning for future expansion of sport and recreation on the Beaches. The Council’s discussion paper on this topic includes 5 recommendations.

If you're concerned by this, it might be time to make a stand.

We ask that you to respond to the report and support the discussion paper via the survey here.

We need people to tick 'Very Supportive' of all options, and selection 'Option A' as the best course of action for the Strategy.

Submissions close 7 May 2017

You can also get active by writing in support to the Manly Daily.

This is our chance, not just for football, but for all sporting codes, to ensure that we have adequate land set aside for our community and our kids well into the future.

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