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Match Reports - April 30th & May 1st

Apr 30, 2016

O35/7 'A's

Finally, the day arrived..

After much speculation, conjecture and controversy, the BTH O35/7's square-off was here. The 'B' Team, having faced allegations of match fixing, salary-cap breaches, unruly behaviour and 'perscription-related' issues, managed to contend with all the turmoil and it was game on!

The 'A's fired from the beginning, and the first twenty minutes saw wave upon wave of attack down both flanks as Julian Humpreys and Matt Kilby wreaked havoc, desperate defence held us bay, but the pressure was relentless. Gary Glover turned the ball over repeatedly and found Kissy running onto his passes like a blow-fly toward a fish carcass. The shocked opposition barely had time to collect their thoughts when a defensive mishap saw the opposition concede a penalty in the box. Matt Kilby declared he was the man and made no mistake. 1-0. Both sides went into the break in different frames of mind..

The second half began and it was a see-sawing affair, both sides unable to ascert authority and then some scrappy attack and the ball found the back of the net.. 1-1. This provided some fight in the opposition who then stepped up the tempo in all respects..

With 'French' pride on the line, the last quarter saw attacking raids repelled and a frustrated opposition digging deep into their ragged copies of Sun Tzu to find anything to take the lead. With the game on the line, the sun setting and time vanishing, desperation was needed and with a ball sent rocketing toward goal, Matt Kilby stuck his head up out of the trench and took one for the team. The ball was sent flying, cannoning into the top post and skiding out of the area so fast that everyone collectively knew that Matt probably should have ducked..

The drama was not over. The ball wasn't cleared and it was sent back toward the top corner of our box, a shot was delivered, a good one, on target, swinging violently and then came a hand, out of nowhere, reaching for the sky and trailling backwards was just enough to clip it over the bar! Graham, you legend! Three pips of the referrees whistle quickly followed to signal the end of this battle and the crowd erupted! A draw in the David v Goliath battle saw Goliath going home with a bloodied nose, beaten up, but not dusted off.

This is not over..


Apr 30, 2016

U10 Ravens


This game was a war of attrition, a game reminiscent of David and Goliath.

Killarney intimidated from the start with forwards that seemed to have been imported from the Under 14's, they were huge.

Killarney scored first (with a brutal strike) but we would not be easily defeated ... we were crafty in attack weaving our way to an equaliser.

Stepping up our attack and consistent in defence we started to control the game and drove our point home 4-2 at the break.

Killarney wanted blood and continued to press and scored twice in rapid succession.

We took the lead again 5-4 making the most of some solid runs up the centre and wing and capitalising on defensive errors.

Killarney were unlucky not to score following a challenge that beat our keeper but was headed out of the box to safety.

The war of attrition continued leaving spectator fingernails shredded with Killarney scoring again 5-5.

With less than five minutes the Ravens tapped an energy reserve and we broke through the defence (it was one on one against the Killarney keeper) but a brilliant save denied our chance and the game ended in a draw.

Final result 5-5 and while David didn't beat Goliath he certainly stamped his mark for the next round.


May 01, 2016

Ladies Div 1

What an absolute gem of a game from the mighty WAL 1’s. With our trusty supporters ready to cheer the girls on, we came out powering. With great formation, and some perfect plays between the middle of the park, the girls put some serious heat on the opposition and making CC Strikers defence run circles setting the vibe for the first half. Our amazing attackers really showed what they were made of, coming out with some amazing plays but couldn’t quite finish with unfortunate misses at goals.

There was nothing but positive feedback and support at half time as there wasn’t much to comment on other than how amazing these girls were playing, really coming together as a team, and putting on some great football for the supporters.

The second half found our defence having to work a little harder, and that they did. As always our superstar goalie Michelle had some awesome saves, and all the girls worked their butts off to keep the Strikers out of our half. With an unlucky goal from the Strikers, our girls lifted their spirits and fought back harder. This was a fast paced game that encountered multiple injuries and heated words across players but we were determined to stop at nothing. No one can intimidate us; we pulled together as a team to show the opposition we can’t be threatened. Some beautiful foot work and runs by our ever so skilled Nada Dayoub had the last ten minutes push the girls back into attack - but unfortunately for us we just couldn’t quite get the finish. Don’t you fret though this game didn’t get our spirits down, it just showed us how strong we are as a team and that we know we can come back on top.

End score 0-1


Apr 30, 2016


When it rains, it pours.

Some days are worth getting out of bed for. The toast lands butter side up, you land an elusive parking spot, you find $20 on the footpath. The Crushers enjoyed such a day on Saturday. Not sure what the final score was, but it was comprehensive, convincing, compelling, complete (and any other word beginning with 'c').

Goals were well kept by Mitchell in the first half, answered all questions put to him by the Narrabeen Giants with a minimum of fuss, good decisions at the restarts. Ethan D may have regretted his decision to get between the sticks in the second half as he only touched the ball a couple of times but I think he liked the fluoro green keeper jersey.

Our defence, anchored by Chris and Rhys, proved to be a brick wall. Solid tackles, good team work across the back four and some really pleasing play as they brought the ball forward. The team leaked one goal and it was a cracker - fair play to Narrabeen.

A strong mid-field tussle over the opening 15 minutes and then one way traffic to the Crushers as they got on top. Special mention to Ethan T who grabbed two goals with smart late runs into the box, Harvey who tracked up and back all game and Jack for some creative play into the final third.

Our players up front, Will, Nathan and Chris, had a field day. A good supply of ball coming from the mid-field helps but it was very pleasing to see how well they supported each other. Will enjoyed a Steve Waugh-esque "Perfect Day" and put away 9 goals himself.

So, what did we learn from all this? As they say: "Some days you're the rooster, other days you're the feather duster. The boys enjoyed a one sided game but also showed great respect to the opposition who were doing it tough in the second half. That alone earned them a Macca's ice cream cone on the way home.


May 01, 2016

AL2 Reserve Grade

Round 6 saw us travel to Careel Bay to take on a well regarded Avalon side, all feeling a little bit sore from the game the previous day before we all knew it was vital to grind out another 3 points. First half we won the toss and kicked down the slight hill. It was a big pitch the aim was to use our pace down the wings and get in behind them, I think it was fair to say we lacked a bit of finesse in the first half with our passing letting us down at times on a some what bumpy playing surface. The down hill advantage seemed a disadvantage at times with a lot of through balls running to the Avalon keeper, but never the less we created a few decent half chances with Avalon never really troubling John Massey between our sticks, the first came to a close at 0-0.

With a much needed half time pep talk from the Gaffer and a general overview of the game we all agreed we needed to slow it down , be a bit more calm and relaxed and pass our way past this side, and thats what we did. After the restart we played some really good stuff, passing, moving and making it look easy . We created lots of good chance but unfortunately didn’t hit the back of the net. Avalon never really posed much of a threat the second half but were compact and made it difficult for us to break the deadlock. There was a sense of desperation from Avalon as they subbed on a handful of there big guns, the aim to pinch a late one. Fortunate for the mighty raiders we had our match winner already on , When late on moments before the final whistle Andrew Gaussen rose like a leaping salmon connecting with a well delivered far post corner, heading it past a helpless Avalon keeper. Much to our joy moments later the referee blew the final whistle. Well done lads one of our more satisfying wins keep them coming.

Players player: John Vergos


Apr 30, 2016

AL2 Reserve Grade

Round 5 saw us take on a inform Manly Vale side, Very pleasing to say we started off really well letting the ball do all the work, passing moving and getting stuck into them. With lots of good play and sharp passing it wasn’t long before we started creating great chances. A great bit of trickery from Felix on the wing lead to our first goal, it wasn’t long then after that Maxi Christensen capitalised on a keepers fumble with a saucy tap in doubling our lead to 2-0 giving us a real sense of confidence to start playing some good football and go on and put a good number past this Manly side. Shortly after Miles Luxton Slotted home a half decent free kick just outside the box to make it 3-0 . Jason Finlay moments later helped the raiders cause by dispatching a great spot kick making the net bulge sending the mighty yellows in at 4-0 at half time.

Second half we came out slightly flat assuming the job was already done but still had another half to show what we could do, Manly vale adapted there formation balancing out the game making it more of a contest in the early stages of the second but never really troubling us. I think our pace down the wings will trouble most teams this year a great piece of skill from Ned Bacic and Dan Finlay bagged another two crowd pleasing goals sign sealing and deliver those 3 points. We just had to remain switched on for the final 20 and keep that vital clean sheet , another two well taken goals from Mousa Dayoub and Jason Finaly capted of a good showing from the lads and a well deserved 3 points.

Three very well deserved 3 points keep them coming.


May 01, 2016

AL2 First Grade

Sundays game away to Avalon proved to be a different story altogether with the reserves winning in the last minute we were determined to put the previous performance behind us and grind it out to make sure we picked up the 12 points between both grades. The game started off with Raiders dictating play and played some of the best football we have played as a club so far this season. Even though the lads were all sore from the day before there was a lot more intent and desire to win. Avalon were in no mood to be rolled over though and had it not been for a great strike again from Adam Kenneally into the bottom corner the game would have probably finished level. BTH seemed to have the majority of chances but couldn’t find a way past their keeper who seemed to be in the right place at the right time. 1-0 final score and the full 12 points putting us in a good position. Great effort all round lads, and that song is coming along nicely.

Players player- Esteban Gonzalez

Managers player- Brett Andrews


Apr 30, 2016

AL2 First Grade

This week had 6 points up for grabs and after a convincing victory against Mosman the lads had prepared themselves mentally and physically during the week to secure all 6. Saturdays game saw the Raiders take on Manly Vale at Terrey Hills, and after an unconvincing start to the match we seemed to take a little bit of fight to them. Through some nice build up play, a little luck, and some dodgy goalkeeping we managed to find the back of the net 3 times through Scott McElroy, Sam Savage and a deflected own goal. We just about managed to keep our composure long enough for a clean sheet although they did hit the post within the final 5 minutes.

Players player- Esteban Gonzalez

Managers player- Sam Savage


Apr 30, 2016


BTH Blades 3 Dee Why Swans 2

The Blades picked up where they left off from the previous week playing some lovely football against a well organised Dee Why team.

The Blades passing game soon paid dividends with Max Douglas-Robertson opening the scoring with a typically determined finish.

The Swans countered and were asking questions down the Blades' left flank and one of these was soon answered to see the score level at the half time mark.

The Blades reshuffled their pack at half time with Douglas-Robertson now given the task of nullifying the Swans' right winger and Sam Keller, swapping central defence for the right wing, to give the Swans' their own issues out wide.

The switches worked and soon the balance of play swung in back favour of the Blades and they regained the lead when persistence from Daniel Baikie to keep the ball alive down the left led to him cutting the ball back to Luke Worrell who planted the ball in the bottom right hand corner of the Swans' goal.

The Blades maintained the pressure and Keller was able to capitalise on one of his many forays by cutting in from the right and burying the ball in the top left corner.

The resolute BTH defence, helped by the confident handling of Peter Bennett in goal, was finally breached with seconds to spare to give the Swans a second consolation.


May 01, 2016

WO35-1 Divas

We knew it was going to be a tough home game against our friendly, experienced rivals Forest Killarney….and what a match it was.

The huge crowd of supporters at Wyatt were simply fabulous and this helped to lift the team to do their best. (One FK player even commented that BTH always have so many people watching!)

The Divas played a solid, competitive game and everyone was committed to stopping Forest play their strong attacking style. We were consistent in defense and our back-line was impenetrable! Well done to our defenders who were all amazing from start to finish. We held the middle of the park nicely, marked tight and there were some lovely through passes and great attacking runs from our speedy forwards.

After a hard fought 90 minutes we walked away with a nil all draw. It was a good result and thanks to Iain and Mark for all their help and guidance. Great effort mighty Divas.


May 01, 2016


BTH Women's 14/1 defeated Mosman 3/2 The girls had another strong win last weekend thanks to an excellent first half display which included the most passing moves the team has ever achieved. We quickly raced to a 3-0 lead with goals to Ash Marks & Lauren Pilling. The 2nd half was a little less 1 sided but we again had our chances with the Mosman goalie making some outstanding saves. We did concede 2 goals so the score ended much closer than it should have been. In any event a great win against a strong opponent.


May 01, 2016

WU12-3 Emeralds

Won 1-0 against Mosman

What a fantastic win, the first of the season. A hard fought victory over a very good team. Team work was excellent and the difference in the end was some great passing and a solid defence. Huge improvement from last week, well done! The war paint at half time really seemed to make a difference and the cheer squad from the Diamonds who came along to watch was an extra bonus!

A great goal from Charlotte was the result of consistent pressure on the oppositions defence. Our defence was rock solid with great work from Giselle and Layla and some great saves by Georgie in goals. Special mention to Emma and Ruby who both played their best games of the season so far.

The Emeralds are really coming together as a team and the excellent result is reward for the hand work being put in by the whole team – well done girls!

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