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Special 2016 news

The conclusion of the 2016 season saw the “retirement” of two tireless committee people who had been with the committee a collective 11 years – Thea Young (Juniors VP – 4 years) and Col Coupland (Treasurer – 7 years).

While we cannot say enough about these two great people we will try to keep our comments to a few words.

There is no better organised person than Thea Young, who looked after the u12 to under 16 side of the club with much diligence and organisation as her two sons moved through these divisions from 2013 to 2016. Thea was also involved with the pre-season grading’s for these age groups each year. Thea and Ross consulted on many matters over the years and Ross greatly valued her experience and advice.

Col Coupland took over the important role of club treasurer in 2009, and during this time

oversaw and implemented many changes in how the club conducted its financial affairs, including online banking and point of sale credit card technology for registration days. As Col demonstrated at each committee meeting, he knew where every club dollar was and exercised great care and diligence in ensuring all club monies were properly accounted for on behalf of members.

On behalf of the Raiders community we would like to wish both Thea and Col all the very best and extend our warmest thanks for the time they have spent on the committee. No doubt we will see them on the sideline in seasons to come!

Gary Glover and Ross Downie

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