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CANCELLED: Ladies Gala Day - Mosman FC vs. BTH Raiders SC

Unfortunately due to wet weather, Wyatt Oval is closed to soccer this weekend. Without another field to move to we have to cancel our Ladies Gala Day.

At this stage we cannot see a time or place where we can reschedule to, but if we do we will let you all know ASAP.

To celebrate Female Football Week, BTH Raiders SC are hosting Mosman FC for a Ladies Football Gala Day. Join us for a day of football and fun! The day will be run with back to back matches with other activities and of course the BBQ.


Sunday 19th March @ Wyatt Oval

All Day Event

BTH WU9 vs. Mosman WU9 @ 7.30am


BTH WU10 vs. Mosman WU10 @ 7.30am


BTH WU11 vs. Mosman WU11 @ 8.20am


BTH WU15 vs. Mosman WU14 @ 9.10am


BTH WU13-1 vs. Mosman WU13 @ 10.00am


BTH WU13-3 vs. Mosman WU12 @ 10.50am


BTH WU16 vs. Mosman WU16 @ 11.40am


BTH WU18 vs. Pittwater WU18 @ 12.30pm


BTH WAL-2 vs. Mosman WAL-2 @ 1.40pm


BTH WO35-3 vs. Mosman WO35-3 @ 2.50pm


BTH WO35-1 vs. Mosman WAL-3 @ 4pm

Check out more info about the Female Football Week

Any questions - please reach out to Bec

0408 460 134 |

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