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Match Report | Wednesday 12th April

A wet Wednesday at Wyatt

45/2s versus Beacon Hill

Win 4-2

Match Report Fresh from a first round win, BTH took on Beacon Hill who all looked younger, fitter and more energetic. Rumour was they had won the 35/5s last year. The game started at a cracking pace and like a bolt from the blue the ball was touched back by Brett Budd to Chris Siemsen, who, with his famous family watching from the sideline, fired a shot from 30 metres into the top left hand corner. It was being talked about in terms of a contender of goal of the season although there was muttering from the corner that it didn't surpass last year's winner!

Soon after Beacon Hill leveled the scores and then went one up with a touch and go penalty. Perhaps order had been restored and the rightful team was in the lead? Well don't tell that to Craig 'Pepsi' Mitchell who did his best to 'bend it like Beckham' from a free kick outside the box, it cured, it swerved, Kiera Knightley looked on in wonder, and it hit the side-post and ricocheted in to the goal. From there our tails were up. Jasper finished off a scrappy goal before Richie headed one in from a Jasper cross. The opposition got mean, it wasn't meant to be like this. Who wrote this bloody script anyway?

The rain came down, the final whistle blew, the beers came out. Life on the sideline on a cold wet Wyatt Wednesday night. Does it get any better? Later in the dressing room Andrew Morgan was a picture of someone who left his heart and soul on the field. Meanwhile Mark Swavley changed into, My God it can't be? A terry toweling towel converted into shorts. What goes on in the change room should stay in the change room.

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