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Team Mates with Sebastian Shearman

We caught up with “Man Bun” Shearman on his birthday and asked him a few questions on his team mates

Best Trainer:

Ratko - Gets along with everybody, not afraid to make his phone the scapegoat for tough decisions.

Worst Trainer:

Vito - Has a tendency to push people around during pep talks. Has been known to chase the dragon to celebrate big wins.

Most Skilful:

Miles Luxton - Moving at just above walking pace with a head that size is admirable

The Joker:

Savage - Small in stature but very high in depravity


John Massey - May be stuck in between the sticks but he could smack anyone about the park in a 100m

Most Intelligent:

Nick Oosterhoff

The Hard Man:

Esteban - Anyone who can put up with a licking from Nate like that and not crumble is made of some tough stuff

Least Intelligent:

Nick Oosterhoff

Worst Dress Sense:

Nate - Because thongs aren't meant to be worn on cold and rainy days unless you have trench foot

Worst Taste in Music:

Ratko - Don't need to say more

Most vain:

Brocky - Dying your hair so you can look more like Ellen Degenerous is only smiled upon if you're over 70

Who's the longest in the shower:

This is Terrey Hills; we don't believe in showers

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