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Game Rules


Want to learn to ref a game of Soccer or just acquire some knowledge about the rules of the game.

Here is an online course and you will receive a 'Laws of the game certificate' on completion.

This educational tool, is a FREE online training module which provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations. It gives you interactive access to the Laws of the Game including videos, workbooks, exams, procedures, interpretations, additional information and details on how to become an officially accredited referee.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate identifying they have demonstrated awareness in the Laws of the Game, and have the necessary knowledge to attend the Level 4 Junior Referee course. Once you have successfully completed this course you need to attend the Level 4 Junior Referee course before you can officially referee matches.

It is important to recognise that this course does not provide any official accreditation from FFA. To receive this you must also complete the Level 4 course.



Length of Games:


U6 and U7 15 minutes each way U8 and U9 20 minutes each way U10 25 minutes each way U11 25 minutes each way


U12 – U13 and U14 30 minutes each way U14 Girls 30 minutes each way U15 and U16 35 minutes each way U16 Girls 35 minutes each way


U18, Premier League, Amateur League and Open Ladies 45 minutes each way

A break of five minutes is allowed between the halves of all games. In the event of games starting late the referees have the power to shorten the length of the games to ensure that they finish on schedule.


Each team will be given a match ball and training balls. The match ball must be taken to every game – the referee will decide which ball is to be used.

Sizes: U6 to U8 Size 3 56-58cm circumference U9 to U13 Size 4 62-65cm circumference U14 to U18 Size 5 67-70cm circumference Premier League Size 5 Amateur League Size 5 Open Ladies Size 5


The club will provide a full kit of shorts, socks and shirt for each junior player (U6-U11) in their first year of registration as a player with FKFC, all other players will receive a playing shirt and socks. All players must wear shin pads.

Spectacles may be worn if necessary, but must be those approved and are available at OPSM. I.D. card must be stamped by MWFA Official.

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