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How to register in 2018

2018 Registration Instructions

Registration for the 2018 winter season with the BTH Raiders must be completed online via MyFootballClub.

All players must register and pay online.

Family discounts are available as follows:

$10 discount for the second registration from the same household

$20 discount for the third registration etc. Full-time students are provided with reduced insurance coverage and pay $20 less than the fees above when registering in All Age Divisions.

**Simply register and pay. Once game play starts the registrar will contact you in regards to your available family discounts**

All registration fees are subject to an additional 2.3% transaction fee charged by Football Federation Australia for use of the MyFootballClub online registration system. Players can register up to 2 years above their designated age groups by paying the registration fee for the age group in which they want to play. Players born after 31 December 2013 cannot be registered in 2018.

Step 1: Login to MyFootballClub

MyFootballClub login requires both an FFA number and password.

To commence the process of registering with BTH Raiders, please choose the scenario below which best describes your registration history.

If you are having any trouble please complete the contact us form

You can also call the service team on (02) 8880 7983 during the hours below:

Monday - Friday: 12pm - 9pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Step 2: Register with BTH Raiders for 2018

Once you have logged in to MyFootballClub:

  1. Select “Register” in the Member Details section.

  2. Please check and update your contact details and emergency contacts. Junior players should have both parents listed as emergency contacts (if appropriate). Photos must be uploaded for under 12s and above. The photo must be a passport type photo showing only your head and shoulders and you must not be wearing glasses or a hat. Failure to upload an appropriate photo may result in MWFA delaying the issue of your registration card. If the photo doesn’t look good on the screen it will be rejected by MWFA and your registration will be delayed. When your details are correct select “Next” at the bottom of the page.

  3. Type “Belrose Terrey Hills Raiders” into the Step 1 box and select the Club from the list (if it isn’t already the default).

  4. Choose “Player” from the “Select Registration” List.

  5. Select the age-group you want to register in from the “Select Registration Package” list. You may be eligible to register in a number of age groups. Girls wanting to register in the women’s competition should select the “Womens” age-groups. For example, a girl registering in “Under 10” rather than “Under 10 Womens” will be placed in a mixed under 10 team rather than an U10 Womens team. You should only select a student package if you are a full-time student. Full-time students receive reduced insurance coverage and therefore pay $20 less in registration fees. Before a student registration will be accepted you must email me a copy of your current student identification:

  6. When you have correctly selected your Club, Role and Registration Package, select “Add Packages” to add the registration. You will then need to answer a question about whether your last registration to play football was in another country and then “Confirm” and then “Next”. If your last registration to play football was in another country please email me and I will send you additional forms that need to be completed.

  7. You must read and acknowledge all Terms and Conditions. For players under 18 years these terms and conditions must be acknowledged by a parent or guardian. There are FFA, Football NSW and BTH Raiders terms and conditions. You can acknowledge all at the bottom of the page and then select “Next”.

  8. If you are using the Active Kids Voucher - find more details here

  9. On the Payment page once your order is complete select “Pay Online”. You may get a message saying that the online payment will incur a transaction fee.

  10. Complete the payment screen (Visa or MasterCard are accepted). Although the email address is optional, you should include an email address to get an emailed receipt to confirm that your payment has been processed correctly. Click the “Next” immediately below the payment details (not the one at the bottom of the window). Then enter the security code shown on the screen and select “Pay”.

  11. Once the Payment Receipt is shown your payment has been processed. Select “Next”.

Registration Checklist

If you have any questions, problems or issues, please drop us an e-mail (

Enjoy your football!

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