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Ground Setup and Takedown

The basis of this rule is to keep the Clubs responsible for the provision of the nets, flags and other setup materials (tape etc) at the ground and the teams playing the first or last game on a field responsible for setup / takedown respectively.


The following applies to all competition teams (all ages U12 and above both Womens and Mens Competitions).

At least 45 minutes before the start of the first game on a field, the Club who is allocated the field by the MWFA must deliver nets, flags and other necessary items for the setup of the field. These must be place at the centre of the field. This includes adequate materials to adhere nets to goalposts.

The teams who are playing the first game on the field on that day must each setup half the field, including the net in one goal and the flags for half a field. Any containers and other equipment must be stored near one of the goals. This must be completed at least ten minutes before the start of the game.

The teams who are playing on the last game on the field must each dismantle half a field and place the equipment in the containers provided in the middle of the field. Unless otherwise indicated this will be the 3pm game on any field. This includes corner flags and one net.

The Club must then come and pick up the equipment for storage as appropriate.

In order that there is no possibility for ambiguity, each team will be responsible for the setup or takedown of half a field. It is up to the individual teams to decide which half of the field they will setup/take down.


If a team fails to perform this function the following penalties will be imposed:

  • On the first offence a formal warning will be issued by the MWFA. The Club of the offending team must provide proof the team has received the notice.

  • On the second occasion, the team will lose one match point

  • On the third occasion, the team will lose three match points

  • On the fourth occasion, the team will be asked to provide reasons as to why they should not be removed from the competition.

If a Club fails to provide the necessary equipment for setting up a ground in the required timeframe there is a fine of $50 for each offence.

The imposition of these penalties is at the discretion of the MC.

PL and AL1 Ground Preparation

In addition to these rules for a field on which a PL, WPL or AL1, WAL1 game is being played prior to the commencement of the reserve grade game, the club responsible for the ground, shall rope off an area not less than one metre from the touchline on the main spectator side of the field.

In addition if required by the referee, the Penalty Area, Goal Area, Penalty Spot and Centre Circle must be re-marked before the start of the reserve grade game and/or first grade game.

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