Match Report | U11 Pumas

U11 Pumas vs Manly Vale Bull Sharks

What a game!!! With 4 subs, wind and rain, it was a bit hectic on the sideline, but we rolled them on and off 1 at a time and this process worked well rather than 4 on and 4 off. The players transferred the skills practiced at training and used the entire width of the field to their advantage. All players held their positions well and we are now seeing less “panic passing”. A great and deserved win! Player of the match was Archie Truscott who managed to play both attack and defensive roles expertly. 5 games and 5 wins, each week these kids get stronger and stronger and have the capacity to play in any position. A pleasure to watch even on such a cold and blistering morning.


Lou Vanderfield

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