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Electronic Match Card System

Here as promised are a variety of documents about the Electronic Match Card System that you will need to use this week and all subsequent weeks for your matches.

It is critical that this is completed at the time of the game as MWFA will issue penalties for non completion or incomplete completion which can result in the loss of competition points. If there are any problems please contact myself on this email or at

The EMS Manager Notes will cover most of the basic information you require.

If you need information about any disputes during a game refer to the Full Notes Pages 8 and 9. Please also let me know the details of the dispute asap on either 0402 139 925 or

If you need information about Borrowing Players refer to Full Notes Page 7.

Please test your user names and passwords at least the day before the game to make sure they work. Remember these will be First Initial and Surname for username (eg SGodfrey) and the mobile number you registered with playfootball as your password. If there are any problems please contact the BTH Registrar on

As discussed at the Coaches and Managers Night it is a good idea to complete your team sheet if you know who will be there the day before your game and leave it as Completed so that if there are any problems accessing the system the opposition can check your ID’s. If players need to be added or removed on the day Uncomplete the sheet, make your changes and then Complete the Sheet again.

If there are any other problems or issues please contact either myself or your Age VP.

Thanks and have a great season!


BTH Competition Secretary

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