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Special Rules for U12 - U14 age groups (mixed and girls)

For those teams participating in the U12 - U14 age groups (mixed and girls), we just wanted to make sure you are aware of the special rules of the game that relate to these age groups.

Corner Kicks

For U12’s, corner kicks are taken from inside an imaginary 1m corner arc that is 8 yards (7.1m) out from the edge of the penalty area on the goal line. Where the distance from the edge of the penalty area to the sideline is less than 8 yards, then the corner kick is taken from the usual spot.

25m Rule

For U12-U14 teams, there is a special rule that applies to goal kicks, and free kicks awarded to a team in its penalty area. It is known as the 25m Rule. Its purpose is to take pressure off the team taking the kick and allow them to play the ball out from the back.

The 25 Metre Area is a rectangular area bounded by the touchlines, the goal line and an imaginary line parallel to and 25 metres from the goal line. This line must be indicated by a cones, poles or other markings. The following processes apply:

  • All opposition players will retreat behind the 25m line.

  • Goalkeepers will take their own goal kicks. Free kicks can be taken by any member of the team.

  • The ball cannot be kicked directly beyond the 25m line.

  • The ball is in play after it has been kicked directly out of the penalty area and before becoming stationary, has been touched within the 25m area by a teammate of the player taking the kick.

  • An opposition player will not be able to encroach inside the 25 Metre Area until the ball is in play.

  • Infringement of any of the above results in the goal kick being retaken.

  • If in the opinion of the Referee, the 25 Metre Rule is being utilised to waste time by either team, the players guilty of the perceived time wasting will be cautioned.

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