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Sapphires Match Report

The Sapphires hit Wyatt on a cold winter’s morning. I am sure the temperature wasn’t quite double digits when the whistle blew.

The girls needed a good win and to achieve this they needed to play a game of thoughtful football. The opposition was higher on the table than us and they came out fighting, but so did we!

The plan was to put in place a very strong defence and the girls came together well and worked hard and never gave up. The ref pulled up poor throws from both sides and as soon as we scored, the opposition got annoyed and when the opposition gets annoyed they start pushing and shoving. Thankfully our team held their cool and didn’t shove back but rather relied on their ball skills. They used the side line well and owned the game right from the start.

With only 1 sub, who we borrowed from the under 11’s (thanks Olivia) we were on top 1-0 at half time. Sapphires scored again in the second half and it was a convincing win 2-0.

The girls need to keep talking to each other and creating space to be able to run onto the ball. It was a great game to watch. A proud coaching moment!

Lou Vanderfield (W12/1 Sapphires Coach)

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