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A team above all. Above all a team. Our 13/4s into semis.

Despite the lack of half-time oranges and player of the match awards for the entire season, the mighty BTH 13/4s (mixed) have had a fantastic year together and have made their way to the first week of finals - taking on Dee Why this Saturday.

Even with a few new faces in the mix at the start of the year, the team quickly clicked under the guidance of Coach Gareth Taylor. While the wet weather at the beginning of the season limited game time, the team still managed to get in some solid training sessions which were key in getting a strong team spirit established. Come game day, they were a formidable force to be reckoned with and had a streak of greats wins. Then came the losses – 4 in a row. But rather than just focusing on the disappointment, the team spirit intensified and their desire to win grew. From then on, every pass, kick, chase and save from every player on the team was stronger, faster, more confident and focused

– although we still did have one or two Fortnight dances and a plane spotting competition every game until quite late in the season!

So now, here at the pointy end of the season, Coach Gareth, I and all of the parents wish the team the best for the game this weekend and a hopeful progression to the Grand Final. They have made us laugh (sometimes at ourselves) with their passion and brutal honesty and have learnt what a team is and how good it can be to be part of one.

Nick Convery

Manager – BTH 13/4

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