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Northern Beaches Windscreens - sponsor of BTH Raiders

We would like to thank Northern Beaches Windscreens for its kind support throughout the 2020 soccer season.

This is the first season that the Company has sponsored our Club. With nearly 700 BTH Raiders on the fields every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. we are sure that many of you would have seen their name on the back of our players jerseys.

So let's give you some more information about our sponsors.

Northern Beaches Windscreens friendly service has been operating in the area for 30 years.

Over that period the diversity of vehicles that have been serviced have ranged greatly, from vintage cars to present. Every vehicle has its own complexities and each vehicle serviced by Northern Beaches Windscreens has been dealt with professionally.

The mobile service that Northern Beaches Windscreens operates is well-established and well respected. It's owner is Peter who has many long term clients that appreciate the expertise and reliability of his workmanship.

Northern Beaches Windscreens hopes to continue this service in the local community with the continued support of their trusting clients, both long term and new.

If you need your windscreen serviced, call Peter on 0414 228 555 or send him an email at

Please support our BTH Raiders sponsors.

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