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BTH wins 1st and 2nd place in the MWFA competition for junior women’s soccer

The MWFA currently has 16 divisions in the 2020 junior female competition. This ranges from WU12 to WU18 and the teams are currently placed in either the first, second or third division.

Our BTH junior female Raiders have done exceptionally well this season. WU13/1, WU14/1, WU14/2 and WU16/1 all finished in the top 2 spots (reports to follow). What is super special, is that our two WU12/3 teams finished up in first and second place last weekend in the 1 vs 2 FINAL.

We are the only club in MWFA that had junior women's teams placing first and second. This is a tremendous feat for these teams and just shows how women are encouraged and are improving their skills at the BTH Raiders Soccer Club.

Back Row standing L-R: Margie Webster (Rubies), Lily Amos (Pearls), Jade Hindmarsh (Rubies), Sari O’Sullivan (Rubies), Alice Hoefnagels (Rubies), Sophia Enbohm (Pearls), Zoe Griffiths (Pearls), Amy Niddrie (Pearls), Mia Medcalf (Pearls), Rain Edwardes (Pearls), Shala "Wiley" Saint (Pearls), Brent Griffiths (Pearls). Middle Row kneeling L-R: Lauren Watts (Pearls), Charlotte Davies (Rubies), Isy McCausland (Rubies), Ella Clark (Rubies), Fran Sweeting (Rubies), Tess Milbourne-Caruso (Pearls), Kate Milbourne-Caruso (Pearls), Georgie Thomas (Pearls). Front Row seated cross legged L-R: Maya Dunkerley (Rubies), Isobel Woodcock (Rubies), Charlotte Hall (Rubies), Ella Clark (Rubies), Lauren Turner (Rubies), Sam O’Connor (Rubies), Zoeya Bari (Pearls), Sophia Paz (Pearls).

Below is a write up by the managers of WU12/3A (the Pearls) and WU12/3B (the Rubies).


W12 div 3A (the Pearls)

Eleven young ladies were allocated to this W12 div 3 team, the Pearls, at the start of 2020. Unfortunately, one had a mishap away from the soccer field and broke her wrist which side-lined her for the season. So, with the assistance of the BTH club, they were advised of some young ladies in U11 and U10 teams who were dual registered, and the Pearls managed to start the season with a full team and continue on for the remainder of the year. A huge thank you to all the 10’s and 11’s ladies who substituted throughout the season (and the parents for getting them there).

The Pearls coach is Brent Griffiths. This was his first year in competition grade. He has a great respect for the girls and is very encouraging to all of them. He made every training session fun and never had a negative word to say.

The girls, under Coach Brent’s enthusiastic guidance flourished, had fun, learned new skills and experienced a great season of football to win the Majors and Minors! Some teams played other teams once, some twice, and in the case of playing against the BTH Rubies… three times!! This included the 1 vs 2 FINAL. BTH 1 and 2, a great result for both teams and the Club!! And through the strengths of each individual’s talents, the Pearls had an undefeated season.

Congratulations to Kate Milbourne Caruso for being the team's Most Valued Player and to Georgie Thomas as Team Player.

This COVID-19 season has been a strange one for so many people. We were all lucky that our kids got to partake in a sport they enjoy for a pretty full season. Thank you BTH and MWFA.


W12 div 3B (the Rubies)

The BTH W12/3 Rubies team for 2020 was formed from a core group of long term players who have been together through the sub-junior ranks for many years, plus several new additions this year, some of whom joined the team to play football for the first time with their mates.

Under Coach Margie Webster's passionate, supportive and intelligent guidance the girls performed at a high level all year, with numerous individual success stories and spectacular team performances.

The initial league was quite a mixed bag and the Rubies found the going too easy at times, racking up some enormous score lines. Once the leagues were split midway through the season, the competition was stiffer and presented more regular challenges. By the end they had a very successful season and finished second in the ladder behind the Pearls.

Their rivalry on the pitch over the 3 games was matched only by their friendships off it - many of the girls from both teams sharing the same classrooms at school! So entering the 1 v 2 Final Playoff (or whatever we called it this year!) the Rubies knew that only their best would do. Despite tearing out of the traps and scoring first, the Rubies as they were in the regular season games, were undone by the exceptional talent on display from the Pearls and lost the match 6-1.

All smiles at the end as both teams came together for their photographs. Special thanks to Margie Webster for her continuing dedication to this team and to Leish Hindmarsh for efficiently managing us all through a very peculiar season.

Further 1 vs 2 FINAL reports coming....

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