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WU16/1 Final Game, 4 October 2020 - 1-1 full time, 5-6 loss on penalties

The W16-1's Final Game had shaped up to be a high-stakes clash. Both teams were stand-out competition leaders throughout the season. The BTH girls had secured the Major Premiership by two points at the conclusion of the final round of play, successfully defending their 2019 major premiership. An outstanding season that comprised of 16 games, with 14 wins and just 1 draw and 1 loss. Over two seasons of football, this team has lost but two games!

From the beginning of the season, this Grand Final shaped up to be a hard-fought affair. Both teams are quite evenly matched and deservedly the competition stand-outs of this age division. From the outset, the game was tightly balanced with both mid-fields having difficulty in gaining an ascendancy. Both backlines were solid and difficult to breakdown leaving forward lines frustrated having sparing opportunities. Mid-way through the first half, a longball to an opposition flanker, with a neatly timed cutback and cross into the box that the Curl-Curl striker got a foot onto and it was 0-1. The girls did not let the disappointment of the goal effect them and continued to apply pressure, however, at the break Curl-Curl led 0-1.

The second half began at a frantic pace and the continued pressure that our girls applied began to turn the contest, time and again, well constructed play was somehow repelled. Then the equaliser came, strong play into the attacking third and a deft finish by Imogen MacKenzie had the game level. This gave the girls the incentive they needed, revitalised, attacks on Curl-Curl's goal continued, our left-side proving difficult to contain. But multiple balls across the face of goal and some great shots did not manage to break the deadlock. 1-1 at full time and penalties..

A fantastic start to the shoot-out had BTH leading 2-0. Alani Barros proving a tough-task to get by. Unfortunately from there, Curl-Curl managed to even up the contest and after 8 penalties by both sides, the win was sealed by Curl-Curl. Needless to say, that's football. But the girls held their heads high, and deservedly so to. Curly knew they got away with one and know that we will be back next year..

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