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Ankle Sprains | Denise Godfrey, Physio

In soccer ankle sprains are fairly common resulting from inversion (a rolling in of the heel and possibly mid foot) forces. A pothole in the pitch can cause a sudden forceful inversion when running, a jump and land on another players foot produces even higher forces to the ligaments and joints.

The lateral ligaments around the ankle consist of 3 parts: 1 at the front, 1 the side and 1 behind the maleolus (bump of bone on outside of ankle). Ligaments are designed to limit movement so they do not stretch well but tend to tear.

It is important to have a physio assess your ankle sprain to test the integrity of these ligaments. If 1 or more are badly torn it is important to tape or brace the ankle during rehab and return to sport. This helps the ligaments heel in a shortened position so the ankle is stable and helps retrain our brain to quickly return the ankle to its neutral position should it start to twist. If this isn’t treated correctly you may experience recurrent ankle sprains and the feeling that your ankle is never the same after!! Loss of pain is not an indication that your ankle is stable.

Occasionally there may be severe bone bruising or even fractures. An X-ray is advisable if unable to weight bear. Then a walking boot may be used for several weeks.

Only return to play once you can hop forwards, backwards, run, cut and change direction without any feeling of pain or instability. Swelling after exercise is often a sign the ankle is not yet stable.

Denise is available in Belrose should you need some advice and treatment. (I empathise that you want to play ASAP and will do my best to get you there safely. I know you’re all afraid I’ll tell you not to play but in the end you’ll get more games and playing to full capacity 😊) If you’d like to find out more, please drop me an email or book in.

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