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Match Report | AL Div 2 vs. St Augustines


Thanks to Luke Dorizas for this report

We started the first half against Saints on the weekend really strong actually, great passing, lots of movement and some close chances. Some great delivery from our wing backs Griff and Ricky, with our wingers Parts and Oli creating space. Saints didn’t have many chances at all. We felt quite bit hard done by not to have a goal or two going into the break.

Second half Saints came out strong, and a lapse in our concentration gave them a 1-0 lead, the goal actually lifted us though to get back in the game. Some better pressing from our mids and strikers put the pressure back on Saints and it was from a superb free kick over the top from Falcs that Deano latched onto to score. 1-1. Everyone lifted, everyone pressed hard to finish the game but we couldn’t get the winner. Overall though a fantastic comeback showing our teams determination and hunger to finish games strong. I have to say also a massive improvement from our last game against Wakehurst.

Getting the point was really valuable for us as Beacon (4th) lost their game against HSU on the weekend. This leaves us only 2 points behind them in 5th. It means we can still very much make semis, providing we win our last two and Beacon have some bad luck. Let’s lift again this week and get the win against Mosman to give us a finals chance!


Thanks to Javed Badyari for this report

It was a game that had been anticipated by all for months. Having gone down in a brutal 4-1 defeat to St Augustines earlier in the season, we had a lot to prove to ourselves and our opposition in our hotly contested rematch. Our battle against Saints did not begin on the Saturday, but instead on Wednesday night at training, marked by one of our highest attendances. The fitness was peaking, the intensity was present, and all minds unified under the common goal of seeking revenge on our foes.

And we did just that on Saturday. We fought like we have never before and did not stop for the full 90 minutes. Even at 8-0, the fire still blazed in our bellies. From the get go, our energy and fierce determination saw our opposition on the back foot. A brilliant goal from the head of Issy put us in front and gave us an early sniff of victory. Like a flame growing into wildfire, our momentum magnified with exceptional goals from Jason, tippy toeing his way through Saints’ backline, and then a classy finish from our very own Big Red Arahill. By the end of the first half, Conor Wilson had too added to the tally.

But, out of respect for our opposition, the BTH men walked back on the pitch at 2nd half with a 0-0 mentality, in knowing that complacency could be our Achilles heel. And so we fought on, with goals flowing from Connor Wilson on tap, including one of the most clinical strikes to the right corner that I have ever seen. Safe to say, we have found some bloody red hot strikers! And then when things couldn’t get better, our Peruvian star, Danny G, bangs in an absolute belter from well outside the box, rendering their gun goalkeeper useless!

But games like these are won just as much in defence as they are in attack. A huge mention goes out to our incredible goalie, Dawesy, who saved some nasty shots from the Augustine attack and (almost) boasted a clean sheet. It was so wonderful to sit amongst the boys after such an enjoyable afternoon of football. It was even more humbling to see all heads nodding in unison to the line, “next week is a new game, let’s enjoy today but put it behind us and keep working hard”.

I hope we can keep the fire burning. We are within 2 wins reach of a minor premiership and the proof that we are a team worthy of success. Carn’ the raiders!

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