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AL2 vs. Wakehurst | Match Report

RESERVES TEAM On Saturday we had our local derby against the 2nd placed Wakehurst. The first half became a case of us defending and absorbing attacks from Wakehurst, which we did reasonably well. The problem was however we couldn’t transition out of our defence into attack. We had limited shots and chances first half, so went into the halftime knowing we had to change things up. Second half we came out much stronger and after a period of pressure on Wakehurst we got the first goal through a hungry Deano up front heading it over the keeper. Our intensity had lifted and we were looking good. As the half went on however our intensity dropped and we started losing 50/50s and let Wakehurst through far too easily on a number of occasions. They contested better and got the better of us to win the game. A frustrating loss as again we had matched it and been infront of a team 2nd place on the table (like Mosman before) however couldn’t finish the game. Let’s get to training, work on our possession and playing better as a team and make sure we bounce back next week against Seaforth. FIRSTS TEAM A disappointing day of football. At this stage of the season, to drop 3 goals after leading 2-0 is heartbreaking and to be fair, it’s not a case of bad luck – we lost our heads, we lost our focus and inevitably lost the game. It was almost as though we were expecting to lose and in truth, we stopped having fun out there. The one big positive out of Saturday is that Jeremy Green notched up his first goal of the season – hopefully a sign of many more to come! The key to our success has been to play hard, play fair and have fun. We allowed Wakehurst to get into our heads and dropped points. I appreciate that we tried a new formation and for the most part, it worked well. Unfortunately, as the game progressed, we didn’t adapt, which I take full responsibility for. We’ll revert back to normal formation for our next round. We need to forget table position. We need to forget previous results and get back to having fun on Saturdays, which is what we all signed up for. The beauty of football is that we’ve always got another game we can play. We go again!

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