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'We came up against a Beacon Hill team who have had a similar season to us. From the start, the game was tight. Beacon had a strong back line and were proving difficult to penetrate (especially through the air). Beacon were also sharp on the edges and had multiple waves of attack. Nevertheless, Joey, Jase, Gabe, Oli and Tricks did their job at the back, continuously putting their body on the line to stop their agile strikers. Beacon were fortunate enough to receive a penalty in a controversial handball in the box by Falcs. A well taken penalty gave Beacon Hill the lead.

Midway through the first half, stand in keeper Lachy 'Doogs' found himself staring straight into the sun when the Beacon Hill defender overshot a cross which ended up in the back of the net. The boys were unlucky to be down 2-0 going into half time but there was still hope.

The second half started with a good tempo, with Ed and Bas really taking charge with the communications. There was some frustration all round with the way we were beginning to play and most notably how the referee was conducting himself. Frustratingly we received several yellow cards and unfortunately for Kay, he was shown a straight red for dissent. As we all know, some decisions won't go our way so we carried on with the game to the best of our ability.

ENTER Jase Hislop with the best goal you will see on a Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm. The ball trickled out of the box and Jase laced the ball into the top left, before humbling jogging back to his centre back position. This will go down as one of the best goals in recent years, the only negative was BTH TV weren't there to witness it.

The game was back on at 2 - 1 with 20 to go. The boys came close to equalising until Beacon picked up a stray pass and slotted their final goal to win 3-1. Again there was controversy with the Beacon striker doing the 'Maradona' and hand balling it onto his foot. Unfortunately this wasn't called but such is life.

The scoreline doesn't suggest how tight the game was. Our opponents played well and at the end of the day, they were hungrier for the win.

A big fixture next week see's the Ressies boys play fourth placed St Augustine's (currently 7 points ahead). A win is a necessity at this time of year with only six games to go.


A big game with a lot of emotion going in after feeling cheated in the Reserves Game. The lads started strong and piled on the pressure from the off. 20 minutes into the first half, the ball was played wide in the final third, a brilliant cross which was knocked back into the middle of the box. Jeremy Green replicated Gareth Bales overheard kick in the recent Champions league final and planted the ball in the back of the net to push the team into the lead.

The second half was just as intense with Beacon trying to break through our defences. They fashioned a number of chances, however, as the saying goes – they couldn’t hit a barn door! That in mind, we continued to press and finally found a break through with Lachlan taking the ball through the box and planting one firmly past the outstretched keeper.

Despite a number of free kicks, Beacon continued to miss spectacularly … and the game finished 2-0. A good result and a much needed win to keep us in touch with the Top 4!

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