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  • Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders


That was an emotionally charged fight to the end finish on our opening match against a well organised Manly Vale team.

We took control for the majority of the match and opened the scoring through some brilliant build up play and exceptional finish under pressure by Sheldon. We created several more chances including a brilliant strike from Jase which was parried by the keeper. Unfortunately, we let Vale back into the match towards the end of the first half, as they hit us on the counter attack and we ended the half 1-1.

Vale then opened us up against in the start of the second half and took the lead 2-1 on another counter attack. Jeremy Green then stepped up and battled hard in the box for the ball, taking an elbow to the face and earning us a penalty. Brad Moody stepped up and without hesitation, dispatched a firmly struck. We switched off after the goal celebrations and Vale immediately hit back with another counter attack which left Isaak one-on-one against their striker.

With 2 minutes to play, Bevan took control of the ball in the final third and set up a beautiful through ball for Mauritzio who took a decent shot which deflected off a Vale players arm. We were awarded another penalty which Brad once again dispatched with ease, finishing the game 3-3.

The areas we need to work on are around finishing chances (there was no issues creating chances) and transitioning from attack to defense (this was exceptionally poor), which is also a reflection of holding our shape. A solid first run! Let’s keep it going.

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