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  • Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders


The game started off evenly balanced with neither side able to gain momentum. At points we seemed quite flat and lacked a bit of on field communication. However, there was also moments of individual brilliance which at one point saw Lachy smashed with a barrage of four or five shots fired at him one after another - he was able to save them all.

With things not going our way Pitts were able to earn themselves a penalty towards the back end of the first half, in which they converted. Along came half time and we had to reset. It was at this time that Jav was able to give an inspirational speech despite his mouth being as dry as the Saharan desert having not consumed h2o for hours. Isaac also put in his 2 cents whereas he was able to continue his record of calling out Sorbara individually for 53 games in a row!

We ran back on in the second half with Lachy coming out of goals and starting in Centre Mid. Despite having a splint only Dr Nick could be proud of, he was able to talk a lot more on field and fire the boys up through his leadership. Soon after, our first break came when Conor was able to finish with great finesse. A bit more time passed and we were able to earn a penalty which Brad stepped up and converted with composure. By now we were really starting to gain some momentum and Isaiah was able put the nail in the coffin with a third goal. In the end it was a hard fought win in which we battled well for each other and showed great spirit.

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