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  • Belrose-Terrey Hills Raiders


Belrose met with Augustines A on a hot and heavy pitch with just 11 men and no substitutes but were fired up and ready to take home a win against a full squad. The game was pretty even for the first 20 minutes or so until we had a free kick awarded to us a few meters inside the opposition's half. James Trickey lined up to take the kick and the rest of us scurried into the goal box ready to get a head onto a ball. Trickey kicked it and… found the back of the net! The boys went wild and were pretty bloody happy to be up 1-0. 10 minutes later, an attacking player from Augustines managed to get a head to the ball from a cross and finds the back of the net to equalize just before half time.

After a good half-time talk the battle continued and the boys continued to fight on with tired legs. An attacking player from Augustines appeared to dribble the ball out of play yet carried on when the referee didn’t call it, a quick pass to his team mate saw their second goal against us. As frustrated as we were, we didn’t let it stop us and continued to fight. We continued to play good possession football, however towards the end of the match, a back-pass from Oli to the keeper took a genuinely unfortunate bounce and resulted in an own goal and the match concluded with a 3-1 loss.

It was the best we had ever played all season and everyone pushed as hard as they could to the 90 minute mark. A-league quality saves came from Jordan in goals and some great transition work from the defense and midfield led to brilliant chances up front. A bit more work during the week will make this team deadly and force the wind to change in our direction.

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